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Intelligence Engineering Department



"Imagine a delicate electronic gossamer web encompassing the Earth.
Luminous, the web's fabric undulates in a psychedelic array.
Each connection point a shimmering jewel of information. Each jewel a access point for
a unique human soul."

- the Tek-Gnostics papers

Welcome intrepid cybernaut... having safely navigated the treacherous realms of cyberspace, you now find yourself within the hallowed halls of TEK-Gnostic's department of "Intelligence Engineering"  (abbreviated: iE). Here the science of consciousness hacking is explored to it's fullest. In the pursuit of our explorations, we will employ the existent networking artifacts at our disposal to advance our knowledge (gnosis) and communicate that information... for it is in the utilization and interaction  of earth's global electronic medium that the Intelligence Engineer's unique opportunity for gnosis presents itself.

Intelligence Engineering Curricula


Eight Circuit Model
Applied Tek manual. Guide to the 8 circuit brain model. Eight circuit (chakra) technology…

Memetic Engineering
An idea is something you have; an ideology is something that has you…

Heretical Engineering
Want to contact Higher intelligence? It's easy, really! Join the HEAD Revolution...

Consciousness Hacking
Tinkering with consciousness in order to better understand how it works...

Pop Future
Memetic trend analysis of our near future, as seen through the lens of pop culture and emerging social media...

Environmentalism for a small planet...

8 Circuit Programming
It is easy to reprogram the nervous system. You can be anything you want to be, this time around...

Law of Eights
Applied Tek manual. Eightfold manifesto for all Hedonic Engineers...

Homeworld Stats
Statistics on capacity and inventory for our home-world: Spaceship Earth...



No÷ Net Tribes

The world-wide web is arguably one of humanity's most ingenious and ambitious creations to date. It is nothing less than a vast working model of global consciousness. Each human with the means (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.) to connect to the web becomes... in a sense... a single, autonomous neuron in the mind of Gaia... a sentient, connecting link in mother earth's no÷sphere.

Given the incredible, creative potential each individual earthling brings to this system, the possibilities for our global consciousness are seemingly infinite. As this global nerve-net becomes more complex and sophisticated, our evolving technologies have accelerated in their sophistication and complexity.

These networked technologies are the "overt" components of our TEK. Rudimentary tools such as mobile communications and social media platforms, allow for human interaction on a global scale. This permits the virtual gathering of No÷ tribes, based on shared interest, rather than ethnicity, nationality or proximity. Since the early BBS days of the internet, the proliferation of networked tribes has grown exponentially.

Paranormal: the New Normal
With that said, current networked TEK merely addresses half of the equation of our forays into the paranormal. Tek-Gnostics' iE system additionally focuses on the perceptive, inner workings of mental capacity and discernment. We explore and develop mental technologies, both ancient and modern. The application of such,
allows us to exercise and enhance our ordinary mental capabilities. It allows us to build and bolster our inner resources, to deepen our awareness as individual intelligence agents.

Throughout history, there have been many individuals who possess extra-ordinary capabilities. Up to this point, these abilities have been viewed with fear and skepticism. In the distant past, these abilities were considered magical or mystical. More recently, these extra-ordinary human faculties have been labeled… paranormal.

Taking the evolutionary next step requires humanity to fully embrace these capabilities that have traditionally been considered paranormal by the general populace. In a world of globally networked AI, what has heretofore been labeled paranormal must become the "new normal." This understanding, this new paradigm... is the inspiration and the mission of the Tek-Gnostics website. The "prime directive" of Tek-Gnostics... is to facilitate humanity's critical next step. The resources housed within our network shall prove invaluable along the path to the no÷ normal.

Global Catastrophic Risk
Amidst this age of miracle and wonder, a tech-driven eschatological angst insidiously creeps into our collective consciousness...

It has been argued, by scientists, futurists and those who consider such things, that within thirty years we will have the technological means to create superhuman artificial intelligence (AI). The concept has been given the title "Technological Singularity" or simply... Singularity. The analogy to the black hole phenomena references the fact that predicting what the future might look like after AI/human parity is... unpredictable. The concern that has been raised by the above thinkers is essentially that at the moment when our computing technology (AI) surpasses our own intelligence capacity... at the moment of singularity... the human era will come to a close.

There are a variety of scenarios whereby the moment of singularity comes about. The Tek-Gnostics mechanisms or matrices are designed to synergistically participate in this process in a way that is beneficial  for humanity and Gaia, our home world. Our systems of tekgnosis anticipate a singularity process that facilitates Intelligence Amplification as opposed to a strict AI scenario. Computer networks and human-computer interfaces are more accessible than Artificial Intelligence, and is something that is proceeding very naturally, often not even recognized by the majority of humanity for what it is... intelligence amplification. But every time our ability to access information and to communicate it to other humans is improved, we have achieved a technologically assisted augment over natural intelligence.

A certain amount of initial research is expected of the aspiring Intelligence Engineer prior to undertaking the advanced coursework. We provide resources in a variety of preliminary formats. Below you will find options leading to additional components of the Tek-Gnostic system. Choose wisely, for it is in the choosing that the unique path unfolds. The choice of which facet of Matrix (or the Force as it is sometimes referred) to pursue is essential in determining subsequent study. It is in the interaction of Matrix & Tekgnostic that insight is gained.

In keeping with one of the Eight Tek-Gnostic Prime Directives... "Nothing is so sacred that it cannot be made fun of" ...we intend to proceed with a sense of adventure, absurdity and irreverence. We acknowledge the essential nature of universe as a grand cosmic joke... that universe has a wicked sense of humor. And why should it not be so? We ought to enjoy our journey of discovery. And that is what Intelligence Engineering is all about... having fun with your HEAD.


Related Data Streams

DNA & Future Memory
Investigations into Terran genetic encoding systems of future evolution...

High Strangeness
A weird & wondrous journey to the heart of our Brave No÷ World...

Buckminster Fuller
Renowned futurist, Bucky Fuller considered his ideas and inventions to be artifacts...

Leary Archives
Psychologist, philosopher, explorer & revolutionary avatar of the mind...

Department of Archaeology
Tek-Gnostics Dept. of Archaeology, Anthropology & Xenoarchaeology...

Terrapin Station
In the shadow of the moon. Low-orbiting "Freeport" outpost…


Extra Terrestrial Transmissions

Aliens & Archetypes
Terrence McKenna interview transcript with Dr Jeffrey Mishlove on "Thinking Allowed" PBS series...

ET Transmissions
Investigations into extra-terrestrial phenomena & galactic citizenship...

Space Age Satori
Enlightenment is the normal state of consciousness for a space-faring humanity...

ET Cultural Competency
A field guide for effective communication with off-world visitors...

Jung & the UFO Phenomenon
While Jung is known mainly for his theories on the nature of the unconscious mind, he did have an interest in the paranormal...

SM (Space Migration) + I▓ (intelligence increase) + LE (Life extension)...

Science Fiction

I Want to Believe
The annotated X-files... American pop-cultural catalyst of High Weirdness...

The Azhar Book
Bene Gesserit Annotated Bibliographic codex pertaining to the great secrets of the most ancient faiths of old Earth...

Jedi Academy
Tek-Gnostic Chapter of the legendary Jedi Academy ...

Tractates: Cryptica Scriptura of Philip K. Dick as published in his classic novel, VALIS...

2001: a Space Odyssey vs Planet of the Apes
Two great 1968 films presenting us with diverging mythologies...


Wake up, Neo...
Gnosticism & Buddhism in the Matrix - Annotated Edition...

Sci Fi as Sacred Text
Reviving a sense of relevance to  the sacred mythic tradition...

Tron Legacy & the Tao
Gnostic Buddhism - Archetypical Hero’s Journey. Annotated Edition... 

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Tek-Gnostics iE Department's academic curriculum is designed for the intermediate to advanced cybernaut. Our focus is geared toward the activation of the 5th circuit and above of the Eight Brain Model of consciousness. This vortice or circuit of consciousness within the human body is roughly equivalent to the vishudda chakra from tantric yoga teachings. It facilitates communication, independence and intelligence.

Another desirable outcome of 5th circuit training is an experience of euphoria. The physical conditioning process releases endorphins that produce the "High" effect within the human nervous system. With that said, the intention of the Tek-Gnostics Intelligence Engineering Department is to provide a system of understanding in which self-verification of perceived reality is a fundamental component. The Applied Intelligence Engineering Program provides the artifacts and training necessary to pursue the Higher Education of the HEAD Revolution.

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