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"The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things.
It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together."

- Obi Wan Kenobi

Welcome, prospective Padawan, to the Tek-Gnostics chapter Jedi Academy. As in the more traditional Jedi system of learning found on the planet Courasant, our temple pursues the philosophy, principals and practices of traveling the path of the Jedi. Central to the pursuit of these principals is the quest to bring balance to the force by providing a counter-balance to those elements of  the force identified as the dark side.

Integral to this pursuit  is the Jedi art of mindfulness and concentration. Just as Qui-Gon Jinn once advised young Obi-Won, the Tek-Gnostic Padawan must keep his/her attention... "here and now, where it belongs."

Where the Tek-Gnostic Academy diverges from the more traditional Jedi teachings is in the apprenticeship system. We do not emphasize the Padawan-Master dynamic. Rather, we focus on the relationship between Padawan and the force. This is our primary focus: Self and Force… observer and observed… earthling and universe. The genesis of infinite universe, or that which cannot be named, is perfect. The fabric of our universe or Matrix as it is referred to in the ancient Tek-Gnostic texts, is necessarily perfect. This qualifier exemplifies an essential Gnostic principle that although universe was created out of perfection, the dualistic universe we live in is not perfect. This is a defining  theme in Gnostic thought. The gods must be crazy. The result... the creating and sustaining nature of the force in a eternal dance with the destructive nature of the dark side of the force.

Ultimately... what concerns the Tek-Gnostics chapter of the Jedi Academy is the balance of the force... both light & dark... within. Balance and the cultivation of the divine spark of the force within each Padawan. This divine spark within... is the origin of each Padawan's essential authority.

A certain amount of initial research is expected of the aspiring Tek-Gnostic Padawan. We provide resources in a variety of preliminary formats. Below you will find options leading to components of the Tek-Gnostic Jedi system. Choose wisely, for it is in the choosing that the unique path unfolds. The choice of which facet of Matrix (or the Force as it is here referred) to pursue is essential in determining subsequent study. It is in the interaction of Force & Tek-Gnostic that insight is gained. In the words of the Tek-Gnostic master, Obi Wan Kenobi… May the force be with you...


Jedi Academy Resources

Master Yoda
Legendary Tek-Gnostic master & member of the High Jedi Council answers your questions...

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Source book & inspiration for the Tek-Gnostics Jedi Academy...  

Star Wars Origins
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The Dark Side
Explore the dark side of the force if you dare...

R2D2 Translator
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The Jedi Art of Mindfulness and Concentration

"Never his mind on where he was, what he was doing..."

- Yoda

Luke Skywalker learned the art of mindful breathing on his first visit to Dagobah. While climbing up vines, dashing through the undergrowth, leaping logs and rocks, the young Jedi pupil, his master on his back, is being instructed on the dangers of the dark side of the force. As Luke's mind races with a thousand questions about the dark side, it is clear to Master Yoda that Luke has lost touch with the here and now. "Nothing more will I teach you today," Yoda says. "Clear your mind of Questions."

Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing is simply the practice of concentrating on the breath. With the inhalation, you know that you are breathing in. With the exhalation, you know you are breathing out. You follow the breath in with awareness as it goes in, and you follow it as it goes out. You notice that the breath is long or short when it is long or short. With mindful breathing you just notice the breath; you do not try to hold it or force it; you do not alter its rhythm or change its volume. Don't hold on to the idea that you should breathe a certain way. Simply become aware of the way your body naturally breathes.

As we focus on our breathing we discover that our mind does not easily stay attuned to our breath, but flies off in a million different directions. But through sustained effort and practice, the podracer of our mind - once flying away heedlessly - begins to slow down. We do not forcibly take hold of the podracer's controls to bring about this deceleration; rather it is with gentle mindfulness that the frenetic machine is ever so subtly coaxed into a state of ease.

Often we have concerns about a future event or confusion about the way something works and our mind becomes lost in a labyrinth of questions, doubts, and plans. Aware of this tendency, Yoda stops Luke before he can become bewildered, rather than empowered, by his education and training. By directing Luke to clear his mind of questions, Yoda is instructing the boy to come back to the present moment - to return to his breath. Luke does as he is told and almost instantly he is visibly calmer.


- from "The Dharma of Star Wars" by Matthew Bortolin


The Chosen One

"Fully defeated by just anyone, the dark side cannot be, but only by the Chosen One. And who might be this Jedi? Know I do not, but not yet born is he or she. This much, sense I can. A vessel of pure Force the Chosen One will be, more powerful than any Jedi in history."

- Yoda from the Great Holocron

The prophecy of the Chosen One was an ancient Jedi legend that foretold the coming of a being who would restore balance to the Force. The idea of balance of the Force, a central tenet of the Jedi Order, refers to the ideal state in which the Force exists in nature, i.e. as the light side. The presence of the dark side corrupts and destroys this natural balance, and the Jedi viewed it as their duty to restore it.

Complete article here


Tek Resources

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The Tek-Gnostics Jedi Academy's Headmaster, known simply as "Sensei" provides regular discourse on
the essential Tek-Gnostic teachings, as well as periodic commentary
on the state of human affairs... at the following link...

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