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Consciousness Hacking - introductory level

"The mind commands the body and it obeys.
The mind commands itself and is met with resistance".

- St. Augustine

The science of Neurologic is easy. Humanity is trapped (temporarily) in static, repetitious neural circuits that create misery, conflict, prejudice, war and stupidity. There is no longer any need for this sad situation to continue. It is easy to reprogram the nervous system and thus to remove these static, mechanistic circuits (conditioned reactions). You can be anything you want to be, this time around. 

To initiate the reprogramming of your nervous system, start with this simple Intelligence Engineering and illumination exercise, designed especially for aspiring tekgnostic Mystics. It begins as imagination, but it does not remain imagination. This is what you do…

Phase one - Reception

Imagine vividly the “astral” field surrounding your body, as shown in Kirlian photography. By imagination and will, change this field into the form of a divinity: Christ, Buddha, Pan, the Great Mother, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Mr. Natural or whoever you like. It is easy to begin reprogramming the nervous system by such vivid imagination. Do the exercise at least ten minutes every morning and every evening for one week. Then, the following week, do the exercise for fifteen minutes each morning and evening.

Phase two - Integration

Acquire a recording device. Record at least 50 times the sentence: “I can be anything I want to be, this time around.” Add to it a sentence necessary to your self-development, e.g., “I can be happy, this time around... I can be fearless, this time around... I can be loving and patient, this time around.”

Phase three - Implementation

Repeat the transformation into the God-form while the recording plays back to you these new programs. Do it until you know, beyond all doubt, that it is no longer imagination that the new program has been recorded in your neurons and is incorporated within your eight brain nervous system.

Read and study carefully Exopsychology by Timothy Leary, Ph.D., Programming and Metaprogramming the Human Biocomputer by John Lilly, M.D. Network with other Intelligence Engineers and Tekgnostic Shamans via our presence on the blogosphere: tekgnostics.blogspot.com and elsewhere. The ancient law of attraction suggests that our thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) dictate the reality of our lives. Like-minded networking builds a stronger and more effective reality matrix.

It is easy to reprogram the nervous system by these methods. Share these methods via social media platforms, such as facebook, twitter & Instagram. Dm, text or e-mail copies of this transmission everywhere, especially to high traffic blogs and alternative news organizations. The power of this signal is magnified 100 times each time it appears on a pod-cast or on T.V. 

As the human Earthling species evolves, as technology (the extension of the mind in hardware) evolves, as we extend ourselves in space, time, and consciousness, the nervous system must also evolve.

- adapted from an article appearing in "The Illuminati Papers" by Robert Anton Wilson




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