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Making Contact with S.M.I.2L.E.

Dr Timothy Leary first postulated the S.M.I.2L.E. concept in his book, Exo-Psychology: A Manual on The Use of the Nervous System According to the Instructions of the Manufacturers (Leary, Timothy. 1977. Starseed/Peace Press). Leary emphasized the importance of space colonization and an ensuring extension of the human lifespan while also providing a detailed explanation of the eight-circuit model of consciousness. He adopted the acronym "SMI²LE" as a succinct summary of his pre-transhumanist agenda: SM (Space Migration) + I² (intelligence increase) + LE (Life extension).

Leary's colonization plan varied greatly throughout the years. According to his initial plan to leave the planet, 5,000 of Earth's most virile and intelligent individuals would be launched on a vessel (Starseed 1) equipped with luxurious amenities. In the 1980s, he came to embrace NASA scientist Gerard O'Neill's more realistic and egalitarian plans to construct giant Eden-like High Orbital Mini-Earths using existing technology and raw materials from the Moon, orbital rock and obsolete satellites.

The following photo archive contains a beautifully illustrated adaptation of the SMI²LE concept that first appeared in Epic Magazine in October, 1981. Dr Leary referred to himself as "Commodore" in his autobiography, Flashbacks, and appears here as the intrepid hero of "Contact". Follow the links above the photos to navigate the archive. Please enjoy...

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