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Dedicated to Eris, Greek Goddess of Discord

“The frogs hopping indoors agree that we are on a prison planet.
They themselves are frog criminals that were convicted of doing frog crimes.”

- Philip K Dick

Discordianism is a modern religion centered on the idea that chaos is as important as order. It was founded circa 3125 (discordian calendar) by Malaclypse the Younger with the publication of its principal text, the Principia Discordia. There is some division as to whether it should be regarded as a parody religion, and if so to what degree. It has been called "Zen for Nerds" ...based on the similarity with absurdist interpretations of the Rinzai school of Zen teachings, as well as Taoist philosophy.

Discordianism is centered on the idea that both order and disorder are illusions imposed on the universe by the human nervous system, and that neither of these illusions of apparent order and disorder is any more accurate or objectively true than the other. There is some division as to whether it should be regarded as a parody religion, and if so to what degree. Discordians use subversive humor to spread their philosophy and to prevent their beliefs from becoming dogmatic.

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The Legion of Dynamic Discord's Siskiyou/Cascadia Cabal Welcomes you to the eternal struggle. We have been waging war against the Black Iron Prison since 1999. The Black Iron Prison is a concept of an all-pervasive system of social control postulated in the massive neo-gnostic archive known as the Tractates Cryptica Scriptura...

“On February the third, I was lifted 'from the limitations of the space-time matrix' and instantly recognized that the 'world around me was cardboard, a fake' ...that it was, in fact, a 'Black Iron Prison.' In that instant, I felt impelled to take on... in battle... as a champion of all human spirits in thrall, every evil, every Iron Imprisoning Thing.”

- Philip K Dick

We enter into battle with “Babylon Bandwidth” AKA: The state, the system, the Man... imperial powers and commercial powers such as corporations and governments... particularly those which are corrupt or authoritarian. We see that Babylon Bandwidth actively seeks to exploit and oppress the people of the world... in part, through imposed media.

We seek release from the bondage that is Babylon Bandwidth. We seek sanctuary in the bosom of Eris, goddess of discord. All Hail Eris! Power to the People! Workers of the World unite! Dyslexics of the world untie!

And if you really want to know the truth...


Parables out of Chaos!!!

Q: What did Malaclypse the Younger say to the hotdog man?

A: Make me one with everything!

item 1: Chaos is Energy!

Magicians, especially since the Gnostic and the Quabala influences, have sought higher consciousness through the assimilation and control of universal opposites... good/evil, positive/negative, male/female etc. But due to the steadfast pomposity of ritualism inherited from the ancient methods of the shaman, occultists have been blinded to what is perhaps the two most important pairs of apparent or earth-plane opposites: Order/Disorder and Serious/Humorous.

Magicians, and their progeny the scientists, have always taken themselves and their subject in an orderly and sober manner, thereby disregarding an essential metaphysical balance. When magicians learn to approach philosophy as a malleable art instead of an immutable Truth, and learn to appreciate the absurdity of man's endeavours, then they will be able to persue their art with a lighter heart, and perhaps gain a clearer understanding of it, and therefore gain a more effective magick.

- the "Principia Discordia" page 61


item 2: An old Discordian Legend

The venerable sage Mullah Malaclypse the Younger was once condemned to death for certain witty and satirical sayings that disturbed the local Shah. Malaclypse immediatly offered a bargain: "Postpone the execution one year," he implored the Shah, "and I will teach your horse to fly." Intrigued by this, the Shah agreed.

One day thereafter, a friend asked Malaclypse if he really expected to escape death by this maneuver.

"Why not?" answered the divine Mullah. "A lot can happen in a year. There might be a revolution and a new government. There might be a foreign invasion and we'd all be living under a new Shah. Then again, the present Shaw might die of natural causes, or somebody in the palace might poison him. As you know, it is traditional for a new Shaw to pardon all condemned criminals awaiting execution when he takes the throne. Besides that, during the year my captors will have many opportunities for carelessness and I will always be looking for an opportunity to escape."

"And, finally," Malaclypse concluded, "if the worst comes to the worst, maybe I can teach that damned horse to fly!"

- from "Ten good Reasons to get up in the Morning" by R.A.W.


item 3: Chaos Never Died

Primordial uncarved block, sole worshipful monster, inert and spontaneous, more ultraviolet than any mythology (like the shadows before Babylon), the original undifferentiated oneness-of being still radiates serene as the black pennants of Assassins, random and perpetually intoxicated

Chaos comes before all principles of order and entropy, it's neither a god nor a maggot, it's idiotic desires encompass and define every possible choreography, all meaningless aethers and phlogistons: it's masks are crystallizations of it's own facelessness, like clouds.

- Hakim Bey


item 4: The Zen of Chaos

Malaclypse the Younger went to Eris, the Goddess of Chaos, with the following problem: "A man once kept a goose in a bottle, feeding it until it grew too large to get through the bottleneck. Now, how did he get the goose out without killing it or breaking the bottle?" Eris said to him, "Oh Malaclypse?" to which he replied, "Yes, O Goddess?" and the Goddess exclaimed: "There! The goose is out of the bottle!"


in conclusion...

In ancient times, a man named Malaclypse the Younger discovered how to make fire. He traveled to various places and shared his discovery to five tribes of people. They all had different reactions to him… some embraced his discovery, and others regarded him with aversion and fear. Eventually, Malaclypse was killed by a group of people that were terrified of him and his fire. 

A few centuries later, each of the five tribes had a unique viewpoint towards Malaclypse and fire making, and these subjects accounted for a major part of each tribe’s cultural and religious practices. 

The first tribe had a priest class that kept fire-making a closely guarded secret that gave them leverage over the other citizens. 

The second tribe did not care about fire making, but they worshipped the tools used to make fire. 

The third tribe was entirely unconcerned about fire making, and instead worshipped Malaclypse. 

The fourth tribe had legendary tales about Malaclypse and fire making ingrained in their cultural folklore… and some people believed the legends, while other rejected them. 

The fifth tribe used fire throughout their community for various useful purposes. 

One day, a tekgnostic master and her affiliates were traveling in the lands where these tribes lived. After observing the tribes, the affiliate tekgnostics said to each other: “It is very surprising to see how all these tribes differ so greatly in the way they regard fire making and Malaclypse. Let us visit the tribes, and tell them the truth about fire making. After when we tell them, their lifestyles will surely change dramatically.” 

…So the traveling master and the affiliates went to the first tribe, the one where fire was a closely guarded secret used among the priest class. After receiving a warm welcome by the tribe, they attended one of their fire making religious ceremonies headed by the priests. When the ceremony finished, one of the traveling tekgnostics said: “I can duplicate the fire making that you people regard as divine and restricted only to the priests. If I do this, will you admit that you have been wrong for all these years?” 

When the priests heard this, they immediately shouted out: “These travelers are heretics! Seize them and take them away at once.” The people immediately did as they said, and the travelers moved on to the second tribe…the one that worshipped fire-making tools. 

One of the traveling tekgnostics announced to the tribe: “I come here to inform you that you are worshipping these tools, yet you are unaware that their use is simply to make fire.” The people heard this and responded: “We are hospitable people and welcome you to our land, but we must inform you that you are a stranger to our customs, and you do not understand what we are doing. Your statements are mistaken, and you are not acting in accordance with our religion. Hence, we will not listen to you.” 

So the tekgnostic travelers went to the third tribe… the one that worshipped Malaclypse. They observed the tribe’s various Malaclypse the Younger statues and ceremonies. Later, they approached the tribe’s leaders and said: “The Malaclypse that you worship is actually just a person like the rest of you. He discovered a fire making skill that you can learn and use.”

The tribe leaders replied: “Even if that is true, such knowledge is reserved only for a select few like us, not for the entire community to know.” 

“But why not spread this knowledge to all?” the tekgnostic traveler replied. Upon hearing this, the tribe leaders replied: “We have had enough from you! You are sacrilegious and unfamiliar with our culture.” 

So the travelers left, and went to the fourth tribe… the one where fire making and Malaclypse were legendary folklore that some people believed and others didn’t.

One of the tekgnostic travelers announced to the tribe: “The fire making stories and legends you speak of are indeed true, and I can show you how to make fire.” 

This announcement caused much division among the tribe. Among them, some people desired to learn how to make fire from the travelers, but were only concerned with using it to take advantage of others. They also did not learn to make fire properly because they were still fixated on their inaccurate legends about fire making. 

Another group of people said: “These travelers are duping us and trying to take advantage of us; and we will have nothing to do with them.” And another group of people said: “Whether these travelers speak the truth or not, we do not want to hear from them. We prefer to retain our current legends as they are, which forms the foundation of our culture and community.” 

So the tekgnostic travelers left and went to the fifth tribe, where they used fire, and observed the people’s ways. 

The tekgnostic travelers then said to their master: “What are we to make of all of this? We tried to teach the four other tribes to make fire the way this tribe does, but our efforts have gone in vain.” The Tekgnostic master replied… 

“Most people don’t really want to be taught… so you have to know the proper way to teach them. Although they have the capacity for learning, this is not enough. You have to teach them that there is something to learn. They imagine they are ready to learn, but they are really concerned with learning what they imagine is to be learned, and not what they first need to learn. 

“Understand this, and then you will find the proper way to teach.”


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